一个自豪的家庭和一所与众不同的大学. As one of West Virginia’s oldest public universities, our roots here run deep. Yet our vision is focused on providing world-class learning opportunities for students from across the country 而且 around the world.

作为OD电竞官方app的管理者, an important part of our job is to ensure our university is represented in a professional 而且 consistent manner. We have developed this style guide to assist everyone in maintaining the Marshall br而且 according to established guidelines.

OD电竞官方app都是OD电竞官方app品牌的守护者. 通过使用这些指导方针, you are doing your part to strengthen our br而且 而且 unify the Marshall image.


的 Marshall institutional identity establishes a st而且ardized visual identity for administrative 而且 academic units throughout the university. It is to be used according to the specific guidelines outlined in this manual. 所有学术, 研究, 外展, 学生服务, 而且 administrative units of OD电竞官方app must follow the visual identity guidelines that are described in this guide. Outside agencies that create print or electronic materials for any OD电竞官方app unit must also follow the guidelines. 的se guidelines apply to all external 而且 internal communications, 包括广告, 网站, 宣传册, 邀请, 直接邮件, 明信片, 传单, 小册子, 目录, 情况报表, 海报, 广告牌, 横幅和其他环境视觉效果, video, DVD, CD, 电影, 演讲, 和文具.


的 university should always be known by its proper name — OD电竞官方app — as a first reference. 全称, OD电竞官方app, should appear prominently on the front cover of all marketing materials or publications, 以及所有视频和电影的演职员表. 对于第二次及以后的引用,Marshall是可以接受的. OD电竞官方app不应该被称为OD电竞. 还有其他的大学,但只有一所OD电竞官方app.


TWG Plus was charged with developing an overall institutional identity. 考虑到OD电竞的通讯要求, the new identity needs the flexibility to drive everything from recruitment marketing to advancement. 的 identity will be expected to introduce audiences to Marshall, 塑造对整个机构的看法, 并推广OD电竞的各个部门和项目.

当OD电竞官方app问到OD电竞官方app的品牌时, 大多数受访者都说不清楚, or they talked about the br而且 as a reaction to other institutions — 而且 acknowledged that this was a persistent issue.

“Collectively, we’re not telling any story to the community at large. We just assume people know the history, or there is just a level of familiarity.”
“Marshall has an inferiority complex… We haven’t crafted our own identity. 而不是, OD电竞官方app的反应, 而且 we’ve lost sight of being a midsize regional institution serving first-generation students of West Virginia.”


尽管人们在表达这个品牌时遇到了困难, the Marshall community had no trouble discussing its strengths. 它清楚地认识到自己是一个机构.

To develop a marketing concept that positions Marshall more advantageously, we asked the campus community what the university should be known for. 在OD电竞官方app的谈话中,很快就出现了一致的主题.


最有效的机构营销讲得清清楚楚, 引人入胜的故事,鼓励进一步探索. Every aspect of your marketing should inspire some connection to your constituencies.


的 theme speaks to the student experience — having the resources 而且 opportunities to define yourself 而且 belonging to a community that embraces you. It is simultaneously aspirational 而且 traditional: It positions Marshall as a place to be bold, 而且 it hearkens to the tradition 而且 history of the university. It leverages the sense of safety 而且 support students find at Marshall. And it fits within the established institutional messaging of “We Are…Marshall.,但它增加了一个新的、个性化的角度.

Although the campaign is an authentic reflection of Marshall’s culture, 它不能简单地强加给大学社区. 这是OD电竞家族赖以生存的东西.


的 tone of the copy is 自信 but friendly, direct but reassuring. 语言应该体现归属感和家庭意识, 比如" join ",“找你的位置。,和“欢迎”.” It should balance this affirmative thread with action-oriented language, 尤其是在描述学术项目时.


Marshall’s story is about finding a supportive community where students have the intimate relationships that give guidance 而且 the breadth of resources that allows them to explore. Taken together, this is the perfect environment in which to realize their potential. 来到OD电竞意味着加入一个家庭, 而且, 比如最好的家庭环境, this means being pushed to go further 而且 being 接受 for who you are. Beyond giving students outst而且ing preparation for their chosen career, the Marshall experience gives them both confidence 而且 momentum that are genuinely transformative.

To capture this sense of Marshall as a turning point in a student’s life, as the moment when opportunities for real progress present themselves, OD电竞官方app围绕以下主题开展了这次活动:

I’m 描述符
I’m 描述符



的 descriptors that follow the “I’m _____” line should ideally be one word, three at the most. 避免冗长或过度修饰的措辞.

消息传递 should be tailored for each particular audience while retaining the “I’m _____” framework. 该策略的灵活性在于图像的使用. 图像可能会改变以反映观众. 例如, an ad targeting prospective faculty might feature a faculty member with the headline offering an attribute of Marshall professors (“I’m creating citizens” or “I’m changing lives”), or it might feature a student with descriptors that sell the strengths of Marshall students (“I’m 驱动”; “I’m unafraid”).



To maximize the effect of 约翰·OD电竞, treatment should be simple 而且 focused. 的 purpose of this treatment is to introduce the reader to Marshall 而且 inform him or her of Marshall’s prestige. 而不是提供一个漫长的制度历史, 应该突出约翰·OD电竞的形象, 他的历史意义, 以及他对美国法律体系的影响.



OD电竞官方app的凯利·格林代表了OD电竞官方app. OD电竞官方app自豪地戴着它. OD电竞官方app的品牌也应该引以为豪. OD电竞官方app is instantly recognizable by many of its audiences through kelly green.

Kelly green (PMS 354) should always st而且 front 而且 center in our br而且ing of visual communications. OD电竞官方app使用黑色、灰色和白色来强调和支持它. 的se colors are to be used for all marketing materials of the university. Consistent use of our official colors helps us continue to build recognition with our audiences.

注意: 这些字体均为印刷材料,本大学使用 网页的调色板略有不同 满足无障碍标准.

潘通色卡 354 C
CMYK 80 0 92 0
RGB 0 177 64
十六进制 00B140
潘通色卡 流程黑C
CMYK 0 0 0 100
RGB 39 37 31
十六进制 27251F
潘通色卡 429 C
CMYK 21 11 9 23
RGB 162 170 173
十六进制 A2AAAD
潘通色卡 469 C
CMYK 24 79 100 73
RGB 105 63 35
十六进制 693F23
潘通色卡 4645 C
CMYK 11 46 64 30
RGB 173 124 89
十六进制 AD7C59


的 colors in our secondary palette were chosen to complement our primary palette of green, 黑色的, 和白色的. 当使用其中一种颜色时, remember that kelly green should always be the dominant color in every piece. 注意: 这些字体均为印刷材料,本大学使用 网页的调色板略有不同 满足无障碍标准.

所有的颜色不应该在同一件作品中使用. It’s best to find a strong combination of three or four colors 而且 use that color scheme consistently 而且 creatively throughout a piece or series of pieces. 有关颜色组合的其他信息和样品, 联系印刷服务设计团队.

潘通色卡 369 C
CMYK 68 0 100 0
RGB 100 167 11
十六进制 64A70B
潘通色卡 349 C
CMYK 92 12 95 40
RGB 4 106 56
十六进制 046A38
潘通色卡 暖灰色4 C
CMYK 11 13 15 27
RGB 182 173 165
十六进制 B6ADA5
潘通色卡 129 C
CMYK 0 11 78 0
RGB 243 208 62
十六进制 693F23
潘通色卡 4545 C
CMYK 5 60 30 4
RGB 213 203 59
十六进制 D5CB9F
潘通色卡 2325 C
CMYK 40 100 10 26
RGB 131 0 101
十六进制 830065
潘通色卡 7459 C
CMYK 72 9 9 13
RGB 66 152 181
十六进制 4298B5
潘通色卡 158 C
CMYK 0 62 95 0
RGB 232 119 34
十六进制 E87722


If you are unable to access Sentinel Book, we have two recommended substitute fonts. For the primary substitute font, use Bookman Old Style Regular 而且 Bookman Old Style Bold. A secondary substitute found on most systems is Times Regular 而且 Times Semi Bold. 它有一个圆的, 更薄的衬线,而不是哨兵的盒子衬线, 但是字母的形状和重量是相似的. Sentinel Book和Myriad是仅打印字体. 的 网络指南 涵盖用于网站的字体.



OD电竞官方app的主要标志是Bar M标志. It should appear on all communications, printed or electronic. 不要打印任何小于1的主标志.5″.


的 preferred Marshall 标志 is the two-color version using the specified Marshall Green PMS 354 而且 Black. 双色标志不得使用其他颜色. 在坚实的背景上使用标志时, a solid white line should be around the 标志 for maximum visibility. 在预算限制的情况下, 黑色的, 单色标志版本可能印刷在100%黑色.


This 标志 should be used in sports-related publications for which it is deemed appropriate. 田径标志的使用仅限于运动队, 体育品牌传播, 商标商品. Additional athletic word 而且 stylized buffalo Logoss are available; see the official 标志 sheet for samples.
绿色Block M田径标志


的 Latin version of the seal is reserved for the use of the president’s office only.

的 English version of the university seal may not be substituted for the Marshall 标志. This version of the seal may be used only for merch而且ising 而且 certain documents, 比如开始, 文凭, 一些邀请, 和证书. It may not be used on letterhe广告 or general publications, either printed or electronic.

的 reversed version of the seal should be used on any dark background for print or merch而且ise. 一般来说,密封可以出现黑色或绿色pms354. 印章不应该出现两种颜色. 当使用黑白封条时, 它必须以纯黑色印在白色的纸上. At no time should it have other graphic devices, colors, 而且/or shapes added to it.

如果封印要被拆封, 压花, 或者在深色背景上反转, a reversed version of the seal is available from 大学通信.

的 university seal 而且 OD电竞官方app标志 should never be combined.

的 seal should be used at a size no smaller than 1 1/4″ in diameter to prevent the details from filling in.


为了创造强大, 统一OD电竞品牌标识, 避免对标志的不当使用是非常必要的. 该标志不得以任何方式被改变.

的 stylized elements of the 标志 而且 the official Marshall green color, 排版也一样, 所有的元素都是标志的组成部分吗. 这些元素不应该被修改.


  • Stretch or condense the 标志 (in most software, hold down shift key to avoid this)
  • Do not isolate the 标志 in a frame, except for the br而且ed flag element
  • 以一定角度显示或扭曲标志
  • 在Bar M标志的“MARSHALL”处添加一个单元名
  • Alter the proportions of the words “OD电竞官方app” or the stylized “M”
  • Set the words “OD电竞官方app” in another typeface 而且 use them in the official 标志
  • Combine the official 标志 with another 标志 or add graphics to the 标志



摄影 should be selected with the audience in mind — showing students, 活动, 以及能让每个特定观众产生共鸣的地点. 摄影 should appear authentic 而且 c而且id, as opposed to staged 而且 formal.



的 green Marshall “flag” can be used with or without the Marshall Bar M 标志. 如果标志是在InDesign中创建的, care should be taken to ensure that the “v” notch in the top edge of the flag retains the correct angle 而且 depth.

“v”形缺口的两侧应反映57度角. 对于标志为1的.宽度为5英寸,v的底部应为0.从旗子上沿开始18英寸深. 如果Bar M标志与1一起使用.5英寸宽的旗帜,标志应放在1.最大宽度为25英寸(棒子的宽度). 的 黑色的 outline on the top edge of the 标志 should align with the bottom point of the “v” notch.



的 distinctive look of Sentinel 而且 oversized numbers are used to draw attention to facts 而且 figures that underscore the strengths of Marshall. 统计数据可以以垂直和水平格式使用.


大学通信 staff will be helping offices edit 而且 design publications intended to be seen by those outside of the university community, as well as publications that may present a first impression within the university campus. Publications that fall under these guidelines should follow the university text, 标志, 以及本品牌指南中的设计要求.

Projects include but are not limited to the following: 宣传册, 海报, 明信片, 广告, 项目, 大学文具/信笺信封, 邀请, 数字广告, 和通讯.



电话或电子邮件 你的大学通讯代表 讨论你的项目. He or she will start a job ticket for your project once the following information has been provided:

  • 您所要求的出版物类型
  • 出版目的
  • 出版对象
  • 数量
  • 你想包括的照片和/或图形


E-mail the publication text — Microsoft Word document format preferred — to 你的大学通讯代表 for editing after it has been approved by those 涉及到 in the project. Only the most basic of formatting should be done to the Word document (important words 而且 headings in bold); do not spend time designing the document. 大学通信 will work with you to refine your message using grammar 而且 style guidelines 而且 can help to create text for your publications. Your representative can also suggest images for projects if needed.


在文本定稿之后, 你的大学通讯代表 will send the document to Printing Services for design 而且 production. Printing Services will provide proofs to the 大学通信 representative, 而且 he or she will coordinate reviewing the document with the department contact that submitted the job, 请求更改或批准.


文件批准后,作业将被发送打印. 的 final job can be delivered to the department/contact person who requested the job or to Printing Services, 旧Main 24, 被接走.